GM1233-1720 kit
  • GM1033-1820 Gold Fiduciary Marker
  • GM1233-1720 kit

GM1033-1820 Gold Fiduciary Marker

(3) 1.0mm x 3mm Gold Marker inside 18G x 20cm Brachytherapy needle.

Kit of 3 needles / markers.

Sold in boxes of 10 kits.

For use in radiotherapy as reference points.

  • Knurled Gold markers are made from pure 99.9% gold 
  • Electropolished for sharpness
  • Siliconized for easy insertion
  • Echo-enhanced tipped for ultrasound visualization
  • Centimetre markings for depth placement
  • Rounded stylet for smooth gold marker delivery
  • Foil marker to indicate bevel tip orientation

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